Manuals and Documentation

I have a few manuals that I have scanned from my own original copies. I've made them available here because I thought they were better scans than copies found elsewhere, different versions, or just not available at all. Right click on the PDF icon and Save as... to your own location.

PDF icon links to the manual. Text links to a relevant page on this site.

ManualCen-Tech P77772 DMM owner's manual

ManualEICO 950b capacitance bridge owner's manual in PDF format

ManualHeathkit GD-1B grid-dip meter owner's manual

ManualHickok 153 Trace-o-Meter owner's manual and Manualhigh-res schematic

ManualJackson 9-pin Socket Wiring instructions for Models 636 and 637 Tube Testers

ManualKing-Hinners Model A neutrodyne owner's manual

ManualRevere Tape Recorders Models T-100, T-200, T-500, T-600 owner's manual with schematic (not yet available)

ManualSilvertone Neutrodyne instructions

ManualTriplett 850 VTVM owner's manual

ManualWebcor 210 reel-to-reel owner's manual

ManualWebcor 2711, 2712, 2791 and 2792 Royal and Royal Coronet reel-to-reel owner's manuald

ManualWebcor Musicale Fonograf owner's manual and Musicale/Ravinia phono cartridge instructions

ManualWebster Duo-Choke B-C battery elminator advertising flyer

ManualWeston 785 Circuit Tester instructions

ManualWollensak 5740 reel-recorder owner's instructions

manualZenith Portable (Chassis 6A19) owner's manual

manualZenith Super-Transoceanic 600 Series owner's manual

This isn't a radio, but I have no better place to put it at the moment:

manualTechnics SX-KN200 / SX-KN400 electric piano keyboard Owner's Manual Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

For more manuals, look on my Links page.