RCA 29K console radio This is an RCA Model 29K console radio, circa 1941. I just got it, along with a Philco 39-35, and haven't had a chance to do much more to it than get it home.

It's mostly complete, including the knobs and the loop antenna in the cabinet. It is missing the dial glass, but I ordered one from Radio Daze. I made sure I could get the glass before I bought this rig, because God knows how long it would be before I ever found a replacement.

The cabinet is intact but has some "antiquing" in spots. I'm going to see if I can just do some spot work on the worst bits and hope a wipe down and some polish will be enough for the rest.

Advertisement - Radio Today, June 1941I was lucky enough to find an advertisement for it in a back issue of Radio Today magazine. It's a great look at marketing, and how you get three different models out of essentially the same thing.

The Models 29K and 29K2 are essentially the same radio except for a 2nd speaker in the K2, and a little different cabinet style. The 29K and the 211 share the same cabinet, but the 211K also has a second speaker, but the two speakers are separated into high- and low-frequency types, and each speaker has its own push-pull pair of 6K6s driving them.

The big thing appears to be the 2nd speaker. This is in an era before stereophonic sound or Hi-Fi, so that second speaker really just adds the ability to beat more air. If you have to fill a great big room with sound, that makes sense. But my 29K already has one one 12-inch speaker and a push-pull audio output—it should be able to make plenty of noise on its own.

Tube compliment:

6SG7 - RF amp
6SA7 - Converter
6SK7 - IF
6SQ7 - 2nd detector / AVC
6SQ7 - 1st audio
6SQ7 - Phase inverter
6K6 (two) - push-pull AF output
5Y3 - Rectifier

Dial lamp: tbd

RCA 29K console radio - rearRCA 29K console radio - label

Current status: needs cabinet refinishing. Radio chassis is dead (don't know why yet).