Philco 39-35


This is a Philco 39-35 Philco 39-35 lowboy console lowboy console. For awhile Philco did an astonishing and sensible thing: they worked the model year into the model number; this was made in 1939.

I bought this along with my RCA 29K console. Maybe it's just me, but I think this Philco looks "later" than the RCA in styling. They're both Art Deco, but this is more-so: it's slimmer, sleaker and much more understated. But then, Philco styling was usually very conservative.

This is a great example of marketing. It's easy to assume that a big cabinet houses a big radio, but that's usually not the case. Most cabinet radios are huge, empty spaces with a radio chassis that fits into the manufacturer's larger table-top models. That's the case here: a lot of people on the internet pooh-pooh this set because it's basically the table-top version in a larger cabinet. The only thing that's scaled up is the speaker.

But it is furniture and it's pretty. That's a beatiful veneer they picked out, and when it's cleaned and polished it looks great. A table-top would look good too, but consoles have gravitas. lists this as the Model 35XX. Original list price was $82.95, which makes it one of their more expensive units.

Tube compliment:

6A8 - Converter
78 - IF
37 - 2nd detector / AVC
75 - 1st audio
41 - Audio out
84 - Rectifier

Current status: needs electro-mechanical evaluation, some cabinet refinishing.