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Hopefully I can change "unknown" to whatever this is, if I can identify it. Right now it's a placeholder.

This was offered on an auction site and I bid on it and lost. Then it came back up for auction because the person who outbid me must have changed his mind. Usually if I get a second chance at something I'll take it (that's how I got my Philco Baby Grand).

Here's a photo of it from the website because I don't have it yet. In order to pick it up (it's too big to ship), you have to make an appointment, and in this case the earliest I could get was a month out. I'll replace this photo with my own as soon as I actually take possession of it.

Radio CabinetThis was advertised as a Wards Airline, but that's actually because a previous owner gutted it and put a 70s era Monkey Ward receiver, completel with 8-track tape player, inside. The pain.

I've been trying to ID it but so far no luck. My guess is 1927 or 28. After that the big middle-portion where the batteries were stashed disappeared, and by around 1930 they had become low-boy monoliths (low-boys have stubby little legs, high-boys have tall legs. This one is kind of in-between).

Anyway, I haven't found it in any of my literature. I'm hoping there will be a label hidden in there somewhere that will tell me the cabinet maker, and then maybe I can back into it. That happened with a china closet that's in my family—we wanted to move it and pulled a drawer out, and pasted on a panel that's normally hidden there was the cabinet maker's label, nicely preserved because it was tucked away and protected.

If that doesn't work, I'll spring it on Antique Radio Forum or SCARS and see if anyone has any ideas.

Nice needlepoint, but I don't know how it'll work as a grille cloth.

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