Wards Airline 94-HA-1528


Another nice, mostly non-descript, medium-sized table radio from 1949, according to Radiomuseum, though it appears in Rider's 1951 Volume 22.

I think it's interesting compare this against my 94-BR-1526 radio, which is also from 1949 (according to Radiomuseum). The other cabinet is an older style, but the chassis on the other radio uses new 7-pin mini tubes, while this one still has octals:

Wards Airline 94-HA-1528 radio12SA7 Converter
12SK7 IF amp
12SQ7 2nd detector,AVC AF
50L6 audio power out
35Z5 rectifier

The dial lamp, thankfully, is an easy-to-find #47.

Other than that they're both basically the same: simple AA5 table radios with built-in loop antennas.