Trav-Ler 5060A

Trav-Ler 5060AA table radio the Old Man had that he gave me, along with a box of others. It's a table radio in late art-deco style with a plastic body, The model 5060 appears in Volume 21 of Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual, Trav-Ler Page 3. My particular radio says it's a 5060A: I am unable to determine how the A version differs.

Tube Compliment

12SA7 - converter
12SK7 - IF
12SQ7 - 2nd detector/AVC/1st AF
50L6 - power AF
35Z5 - rectifier

Dial lamp: #47

Nice little compact table radio. This is my first Trav-Ler. They made radios from the early 20s to the mid-60s, and but never had the kind of success of the other major makers. And they were from Chicago, which put them in company with Zenith, Hallicrafters, and in a way, Wards Airline and Sears Silvertone, among many others.

This radio is a bit of an oddball. I don't have any foreign radios, but among the Americans I've seen, it's unique. The slide-rule dial ascends right to left, whereas every other slide-rule dial I've seen has the lowest frequency on the left (usually marked 55) and the highest on the right (160 or, in this case, 170). As I look at photos of other Trav-lers, it appears to be a common feature.

The knobs are also on top and facing up, which I find a bit odd.

As a player it works pretty well. The Old Man had already replaced the filter some time ago so there's no hum. I peaked the IF and trimmed the loop antenna and has decent reception.

Current status: plays fine.