Sparton 53, table model

Sparton 55, table - chassisSparton 53, table versionSparton was the short version of Sparks-Withington, out of Jackson, Michigan. They began in the 1920s, survived the depression, but foundered in the 1950s as everyone jumped into television, Hi-Fi and stereo, and a lot of the older companies didn't make it.

This is a tough one to describe. Normally table radios are actually table-top radios. This is actually a table radio—the cabinet is built into a table. Or maybe it's a bookshelf. It's hard to say. It stands on the floor but it's not really a console. It could be considered a chairside, but doesn't look like any of the other chairsides Sparton made.

It's closest to the Model 53 from 1934, which would be the table-top version. The 53 cabinet looks just like this, except with a slightly different top. But I've never seen this mounted as part of a table.

It's possible that someone custom-made it, and fitted the Sparton 53 into it. It's an amazing job if they did.

It looks and works great. It was recently refinished. I got it for a song from a thrift shop; I assume the owner died and otherwise couldn't have it anymore, and it ended up being donated. If that's the case, it's a shame. But at least it went to someone who loves it instead of a landfill.

Tube compliment: two 78s (1st detector/oscillator, and IF amp), 75 2nd detector, 43 audio output, and 25Z5 rectifier.

Current status: looks, works great.