Sparton 1040XX, table model

Sparton 1040XX radio/phono combinationSparton was the short version of Sparks-Withington, out of Jackson, Michigan. They began in the 1920s, survived the depression, but foundered in the 1950s as everyone jumped into television, Hi-Fi and stereo, and a lot of the older companies didn't make it.

The trade magazines called this a "combination," a radio and phonograph in the same cabinet. Combinations appeared in the 20s, but didn't really take off until after World War II. This one is from 1951, a smallish cabinet, looks like a four-drawer chest. The upper left pulls out to reveal a 78/33/45 phono changer. The upper right door rocks forward for the AM/FM (yes, FM) radio and audio control panel. The lower left door opens to expose the 10-inch PM speaker. The lower right door opens to empty cabinet for record storage.

The 1040X and 1040XX is nearly identical. There's a small electrical change; the main difference is a redesigned face plate. The 8W10 chassis is an 8M10 chassis with a couple very small tweaks. The 1040 is mahogony, the 1041 is the same in blond wood.

Models 141 and 142 are the table-radio-only versions, again in mahogony or blond.

Tube compliment:
6BE6 AM 1st detector / FM oscillator
6BA6 IF Amp
6BA6 Radio Detector Driver
6AL5 Ratio Detector
12AT7 FM RF and Mixer
6AV6 AM 2nd detector/first AF/AVC
6V6 power out
5Y3 rectifier

Picked up from a thrift store for $50 (as an Xmas gift to me). Cabinet's in nice shape. Missing a knob. Powered up fine. AM works, but FM and phono are dead. The Sams Photofact says that the changer is a VM model 950. I'll likely have to get the funny papers on that.

It wouldn't fit in my car so it's currently in storage until I can get it home. Didn't have the presence of mind to photograph it, so the SAMS Photofact image will have to suffce until I do. Hope to have it home around Christmas time.


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Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter, Volume 21, pp. Sparton 21-11 to 21-14. Volume 22, p. 22-6, details the changes between the X and XX versions, and the 8W10 chassis, as well as the dial cord layout.

SAMS Photofact, 126-12 (radio) ; 107-13 or book CM-3 (VM 950 changer)

Current status: this radio is no longer in my collection. This page will be removed in late 2024.