RCA 8-X-541


Another All-American 5 table radio, this one with octals. I haven't done anything with it yet so I have no good comments about it.

I'm on the fence about the dial. On the one hand, I like the simplicty of it: the dial connects right onto the tuning cap so there are no miserable dial cords to fight. It's also very simple to read: the pointer on top is where you are.

But it smacks of cheap, precisely because it is. And that big round dial looks like the combination lock on a safe, or the nose of an old Studebaker.

Phil's Old Radios has a nice write-up on this.

The cabinet on mine is deep brown. It's got a couple of rough spots and it's on the dull side of luster, but no big chips or cracks or missing pieces. The gold button on the middle of the dial is pretty bad. I don't know if that'll buff out but I suspect not. The dial itself looks pretty good.

Plugged it in. Plays well, picks up enough not to bother peaking the IFs. There's some hum but not enough for me to want to replace filter caps yet. If I played this a lot I would; but for now I'm going to do what the doctors say: we'll just keep an eye on that.

Current condition: plays okay; some hum; cabinet needs some cleaning.