RCA 65X1


A table radio the Old Man had that he gave me, along with a box of others including the 56X. It's actually very simiar in styling to the 56X, but seems to me to be a little down-market. It came out in 1947 and also appears in Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter, Volume 15, RCA page 15-62. Unlike the 56X, it doesn't have the tone switch (big deal), and it doesn't have the separate oscillator tube, so it's a traditional All-American Five.

RCA 65X1Tube compliment

12SA7 - converter
12SK7 - IF
12SQ7 - 2nd det / AVC
50L6 - Audio out
35Z5 - Rectifier

Dial lamps: tbd

Current status: on the shelf; needs evaluation.