RCA 5T tombstone radio RCA Victor LogoThis is an RCA 5T tombstone radio, which dates from 1935. A gift from the Old Man. He said when he got it, the cabinet was painted pink, so it was probably a little girl's radio. He stripped the paint and refinished it, but there are remnants of pink on the inside. The RCA Victor decal is missing. I may try to put it back on some time.

One of the nifty things about this is that that it has two bands (broadcast and shortwave up to 6 MHz), and there are two little red lamps; one or the other lights up depending on which band you're on.

Tube Compliment

6A7 - Converter
6D6 - IF
75 - 2nd Detector / AVC
42 - Audio out
80 - Rectifier

Dial lamps: #46 (three)

Current status: I think it needs a filter capacitor (will have to check again).


Facebook has a nice page on it, certainly the best photos I've seen. So there really is something good on Facebook afterall.

Gene Bunnell's Radio Attic has (or had) one for sale has the service docs

Sparkbench has nice writeup on it

YouTube has a video of one playing