RCA 225

RCA 225 console radioTRCA Victor logohis is an RCA Model 225 radio, which dates from 1935. It shares the same chassis with the tabletop Model 125. I believe the only difference other than the cabinet is the size of the speaker. Both tune standard AM broadcast (up to 1720 kHz, which was the top of the band at that time) and 5.4 to 18MHz, which should still pick up some modern world band with a good antenna and atmospherics. This is the first radio of this era that I've seen that has two IF stages; it ought to be a good performer.

It also appears to be an update of the Model 128/228 from the prior year. I had one of these but unfortunately lost in the Move. There are two big changes: first the 128 used a 42 output tube while the 225 uses a 41. The 42 appears to be a little more powerful, but it's possible the extra punch (and subsequent power consumption) wasn't needed. The second change is that the 128 had a third reception band that covered the missing gap in this Model 225 (1,720 kHz to 5.4 MHz). If I didn't have the books in front of me, I would have thought the Model 128/228 came out the year after this radio, not before.

As I mentioned on the Coffee Break page, I sold my house and moved cross-country. I had to a huge blood-letting and most of my radios didn't make the trip. This is the first one I picked up while I was out looking to buy a sofa from a private party for the new house. Of course it doesn't work, but it's complete and in good condition so I hope to get it going again sometime before I die.

I haven't had a chance to do anything with her yet. I'll update this page when I get an opportunity.

Tube Compliment

6A7 - Oscillator / First Detector
6D6 (two) - IF amplifiers
6B7 - Second detector, AF amp and AVC 41 - Audio out
80 - Rectum-fryer

Alignment freqs (kHz): 460 (IF); 600, 1,720 and 18,000 (band oscillators)

Current status: doesn't play. Needs evaluation; cabinet needs some TLC.


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Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter Vol. 6, pp. 29 - 32