Philco 51-530 Transitone


This is a small table radio from 1951. shows it in both mahogany (mine) and ivory—they're both plastic. Same website says it's just the previous year's model 50-520 with a new label.

Philco Transitone 51-530It's also the runt of the bunch, the smallest, most conservatively styled. Philco made a bunch of different cabinets in a number of styles to appeal to various tastes. If you look at the service docs, it lists seven different types of cabinet: all are molded plastic, but there are three versions of mottled mahogony (one of them is mine), three versions of ivory, and an ebony.

Tube Compliment

7A8 - converter
12BA6 - IF
14B6 - 2nd detector/AVC
50L6 - Audio out
35Z5 - Rectifier

Current status: on the shelf; needs electro-mechanical evaluation.