Hallicrafters TW-500

Hallicrafters TW-500 Almost any successful radio design meant others were going to copy it. Among the various Zenith Trans-Oceanic knock-offs, this is one of the better ones. In fact, if you're not really familiar with the Zeniths, it's easily mistaken for one.

The nicest thing about this is that it's got that alligator-hide leatherette cover. Very pretty.

Internally it's similar to the Zeniths from the mid-1950s; all miniature tubes: two 1U4 RF amplifiers, the overpriced 1L6 converter, 1U5 2nd detector, and a 3V4 audio out. And a selenium rectifier to boot.

There are two later versions of this: the TW-1000 and TW-2000, neither of which I own.