I don't actively collect phonographs or record players, but I get them if I find something I think is particularly appealing and at a low price. I have a small collection of 78s, though most of them are not my taste in music so they rarely get played.

Columbia portable phonographVictor Portable Gramophone

This is a Victor portable phonograph. It's about the size of a large briefcase. Good for parties, picnics, or days at the beach—especially since all you have to do is crank it; you're not tethered by an AC cord or a handful of batteries.







RCA PhonographVictor Gramophone

I believe this is a hybrid. The mechanism looks original, but the cabinet looks to me to be a reproduction, as does the horn. The Victor logo is an add-on; it really could be anything.

But I like the Victor logo and it fits with this machine. All I need is a Jack Russell to listen to it.